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The Inquisitor: Book 1 - The Plague
Published: 29/7/2013  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The opening volume introduces a compelling anti-hero and complex medieval mystery, though a rash of minor ailments mars the experience somewhat.

The Night Of The Rabbit
Published: 3/6/2013  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Daedalic's gorgeous fantasy adventure is a truly magical journey until the charm wears off in ill-advised detours towards the end.

Reversion Chapter 2: The Meeting
Published: 18/3/2013  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The first commercial follow-up to the free series debut shows plenty of promise, but hasn't yet overthrown its shallow introductory nature.

The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles
Published: 21/12/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
KING Art's fantasy prequel is a fun way to chill with some traditional adventurey fun, but it slips a little from its predecessor's towering standards.

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura
Published: 7/12/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Almost lost in publisher limbo, you'll find this 16th century globetrotting adventure a thoroughly entertaining excursion.

The Odyssey HD
Published: 21/11/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Homer's epic tale gets a fun comic treatment, but expect a bumpy ride on the return trip from Troy.

Secret Files 3
Published: 24/9/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
File the third game under 'disappointment', as the scaled-back gameplay and character interaction add up to the weakest adventure in the series.

May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville
Published: 23/7/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
There isn't much actual mystery, but this surprisingly challenging lite adventure may very well appeal to puzzle lovers.

Published: 19/4/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The seed of delight is planted early in Amanita's creative new adventure, and its abundant charm and surreal game world never stop growing on you.

Published: 22/3/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Forget what you know about Pendulo Studios and embrace this impressively dark, disturbing mystery thriller.

Shadows On The Vatican: Act I: Greed
Published: 12/3/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
This religio-political thriller will leave you lusting for more, because the debut episode is mainly a teaser for greater rewards to come.

The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure
Published: 13/2/2012  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
We've doubled up a pair of casual reviews, but even two offbeat, cartoon Jolly Gang adventures don't add up to a single good one.

AG Top 100 All-Time Adventures (Feature)
Published: 23/12/2011  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Brief recap of #64: The Book of Unwritten Tales

Casual Collection - November 2011 releases
Published: 14/12/2011  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Short Review / Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres CE

Dead Mountaineer's Hotel
Published: 5/12/2011  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
There are plenty of reservations about this long-awaited Russian whodunit, which dashes all high hopes against the rocks.

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