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13/9/2009  |  Dreamz.Unlimited: The Subir Raha Blog

The Law prohibiting Child Labour came into force in October 2006. This was the provocation for this write-up, published in The Asian Age on 14th October (2006).

What happened next?

In less than two hours, I received a call from the Hon'ble Speaker, Mr. Somnath Chatterjee. He told me that tears had come to his eyes when he read my article, the best compliment I ever received for my writing. He was calling me on way to the airport, and asked me to meet him on return.

We met and the Speaker asked me to join the Advisory Committee of Lok Sabha Television and I agreed immediately.

The Committee met in due course and what transpired was strange, indeed! Almost all participants were upbeat on the success of LSTV, it's fast-growing viewership, innovative programming, fast response to breaking news and all these achievements called for much compliments and many self-deprecatory smiles! In between, I also came to know that the Secretary General of the Lok Sabha was refusing to release imprest funds to the CEO for buying crockery of his choice. This went on for about an hour and a half.

I had sat quietly all this time, a highly demanding exercise as my friends and acquaintances will readily certify. The CEO did notice this, and invited me to take the floor just before the tea-break. I spoke my piece, acutely aware that most of the participants had switched off after the first couple of minutes. At the end, I said that if we do all these and more to truly empower the people without money or contacts to get their dues, there will be blood on the streets - blood of the parasites who have been fattening themselves on the pervasive ignorance.

I don't know if the Committee met afterwards; I never went back. Nothing changed.
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