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27/9/2009  |  Dreamz.Unlimited: The Subir Raha Blog

Ministry of Consumer Affairs is running a campaign on consumer awarenes: "Jago Grahak Jago". Great idea!

Today, the message was "Insist on your Entitlement". "Antodaya" card holder families are entitled to 35 kgs of wheat / rice per month at the the issue prices of Rs. 3.00 per kg of rice and Rs. 2.00 per kg of wheat.The entitlement for "Below Poverty Line" families is up to 35 kgs per month at issue prices of Rs. 4.15 per kg of wheat and Rs. 5.65 per Kg of rice, plus distribution cost fixed by the State Governments. The entitlement for "Above Poverty Line" families is also covered.

Three questions:

Are the entitlements fixed irrespective of the size of the family?

When the issue prices could be set nationally, why not the distribution cost? From my knowledge of Kerosene PDS, this is where lots of bureaucrats at State and District levels make money. How is it that the element of distribution cost for "Antodaya" families is set at zero?

How many people from "Antodaya" families and BPL families read the Economic Times?
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