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India's Greatest Brand Builders: The Compassionate - Subir Raha
1/11/2004  |  BV IMSR, Navi Mumbai

Subir Raha is one professional who believes in making a difference in the lives of people who work for ONGC.

At ONGC, what he has built stems from a fact that the greatest teams are comprised of motivated unselfish individuals. Every employee at ONGC believes - Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it... Don't be afraid to go out of limits, that's where the fruit is... Act now. Go with your gut, put your ideas into action! View it as an opportunity to blaze the recognition trail for your company. Your team will benefit, your company will benefit and your career will benefit. The credit for all this can be given to Subir Raha's Leadership He reaches out to people who reach above and beyond their roles and jobs.

At the end of it all, ONGC's success is in its mission statement and the philosophy and style of leadership with which Subir Raha manages his organization. We talk a lot about numbers; but our business is about people and by taking care of them and our customers, the rest will come.
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