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Subir Raha bags 'Energy Executive of the Year' award
16/9/2006  |  The Economic Times

Subir Raha shortlisted for top energy award
7/8/2006  |  IANS

Babudom incorporated
11/6/2006  |  DNA. Anil Dharker

Subir Raha bows out of ONGC, after all
25/5/2006  |  DNA, Jyoti Mukul

Curtains for Raha; Sharma acting CMD of ONGC
25/5/2006  |  PTI

An Old School Oilman
6/11/2005  |  Business Today

Pugnacious Private Sector Pasha
4/11/2005  |  Business & Economy

`Let the subsidy mechanism be transparent, consistent'
3/10/2005  |  Business Line, Richa Mishra

Maverick squares off with the mandarins
24/9/2005  |  DNA, Hemangi Balse

Raha declares independence
22/9/2005  |  DNA, Priya Ranjan Dash & Kay Benedict

Raha’s bete noire hits back
21/9/2005  |  DNA, Hemangi Balse

India's Greatest Brand Builders: The Compassionate - Subir Raha
1/11/2004  |  BV IMSR, Navi Mumbai

Turbulent day: Subir Raha, official roughed up by mob
13/8/2003  |  The Economic Times

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